Announcing ‘The Great War and Global History’ conference, Oxford 9-10 January 2014

Great War and Global History conference poster

‘The Great War and Global History’ conference
9-10 January 2014
Maison Française, Oxford

A two-day conference hosted by the Oxford Centre for Global History, Changing Character of War programme and Maison Française d’Oxford.  Convenors: Hew Strachan, James Belich, John Darwin



Patrick O’Brien (LSE)
‘Warfare with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and the Consolidation of British Industrial Supremacy’

Georges-Henri Soutou (Paris)
‘They Marched Singing into Bankruptcy: Finance in the First World War’



Dominic Lieven (Cambridge)
‘Imperialism, War and Revolution: a Russian Angle’

Hans van de Ven (Cambridge)
Title TBC



Hervé Drévillon (Paris)
‘Identities and Otherness as Agents of Globalization in Early Modern Wars‘

Tamara Scheer ((Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for Social Science History, Vienna)
‘Habsburg Empire’s National Identities during World War One’



Jos Gommans (Leiden)
‘Fair Play in Early Modern Warfare’

Douglas Porch (California)
‘From Carnot to Reynaud: The Ascent and Disintegration of the French Nation in Arms, 1793-1940’



Margaret MacMillan (Oxford)
Title TBC

Stig Förster (Bern)
‘The Myth of the Short-War-Illusion in 1914. A Long-Term Perspective’



Tonio Andrade (Atlanta)
‘The Global Military Balance: A Long View, 900-1918’

Naoko Shimazu (Birkbeck)
Title TBC



Martin Ceadel (Oxford)
Title TBC

Karen Hagemann (UNC)
‘Women, War and the Nation: Gendering the History of the Wars Against Napoleon’

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2 thoughts on “Announcing ‘The Great War and Global History’ conference, Oxford 9-10 January 2014

  1. In 1922 my grandfather and his family emigrated to the US from England. He had served in the Royal Field Artillery from 1905 until 1920 and went with the BEF to France in 1914.

    Years passed and when his own sons went to war serving in the US Navy, he wrote a letter describing his experiences during the Great War and a promise that was made between he and three friends prior to their first battle, the Battle of Mons; “If any of us should make it through the war, he or they will look-up the families of those who perished and tell them how and when it happened.” Of the four only he survived and he failed to keep the commitment.

    I discovered this letter among my grandfather’s personal items along with his WWI journal. The journal detailed the death of one of his comrades and along with the letter sent me on a quest to make good on the century old promise.

    It is a remarkable story supported by a compelling journal which the Imperial War Museum found to be of historical significance for it detailed the events in the early battles of the war when the armies were still mobile.

    September of this year I donated the journal and several other of my grandfather’s military documents to the Imperial War Museum in honor of Captain Fred G. Coxen.

    Over the four years to researching the promise I self-published a book “The Great Promise” and then with new information rewrote the book as an ePub on Kindle, “World War 1 – An Unkept Promise”. The book in unlike so many of the books being released about the war because of the way my grandfather recorded his journal entries. They are very descriptive and transports the reader into the realism of war seldom obtained in other books.

    If you have further interest in this story or someone to tell it, please contact me. phone: 910 315-5550

    I also have the journal in digital format along with many of his military documents if interested.

    Sincerely Frederick L Coxen

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