Oxford Town Hall 3rd Southern General Hospital

Part of OUCS’ World War One Continuations and Beginnings project is to identify open licenced content on the War. This afternoon I was exploring the wonderful Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives on Flickr and I came across these great photographs of Oxford Town Hall during the War which, like many of the colleges, was used as a hospital. A great use of the Orchestra Room!

The Assembly Room Ward at the 3rd Southern General Hospital in Oxford, England.
Town Hall section at the 3rd Southern General Hospital in Oxford, England.

3 thoughts on “Oxford Town Hall 3rd Southern General Hospital

  1. My godmother who was born in Walton Street, Oxford has recently died and I have been going through old photos etc. I have her mother’s Autograph Book, and from the entries therein, feel that she may have worked at or been a volunteer at the Hospital – many of the entries are by men who list their regiment and ‘Southern General Hospital’ underneath. Is this likely? Is there any way of finding out?

  2. I am part of a team working on giving guided tours of Oxford’s Town Hall with special emphasis on the First World War.
    Any information you find out about your godmother’s experiences as a volunteer during that time would be very valuable to us.
    I think your photographs are brilliant.
    Thanks, Peter.

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