Oxford at War 1914-1918 Roadshow

Do you have a family story or local history about the First World War? Bring your WW1 stories, photos, documents, letters, postcards, clothes, medals, and other objects to the

Oxford at War 1914-1918 RoadshowVisitors and staff at WWI Roadshow, Museum of History of Science, Oxford

When: 12 November 2016 11am-4pm
Where: 13 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 6NN
Booking (optional): ww1collections@it.ox.ac.uk or 01865 283686

The Oxford at War 1914-1918 Roadshow is a free, open event where visitors get the chance to engage with their history and learn more about the First World War. Bring your WW1 stories and objects to the Roadshow where a team of historians will be ready to talk to you about your material and record any information. We will digitise your objects (letters, photographs, medals, diaries etc) and publish these online as part of the online archives Oxford at War 1914-1918 and Europeana 1914-1918. There will also be talks, films and exhibitions for you to enjoy.

Although we are particularly keen to gather Oxford-related material, we welcome all contributions.

The event is free. No booking necessary, but some timed slots are available and can be reserved by contacting ww1collections@it.ox.ac.uk or 01865 283686.

What to expect on the day?
Roadshow in AthensYou’ve seen Antiques Roadshow – well, this is the same without the valuation. Our experts will talk to you about your stories and what you have brought in. They’ll record the details, and then our digitisers will photograph your items so we can upload them to the website www.oxfordatwar.uk. Please just turn up on the day, there may be queues but also exhibitions and films to divert you. If you would like to make an appointment (optional) please ring: 01865 283686 or email ww1collections@it.ox.ac.uk

What if you can’t join us?
Do tell your friends! And you can upload your stories and photos to the website http://www.oxfordatwar.uk/contribution

Why is the University of Oxford doing this?
We want to preserve the memory of the First World War and those who lived then. By recording stories and material in digital form, we can make them available online to students, researchers, school children and anyone interested in the history of the War and the stories about the people who lived then. See more in this short video, where Dr Stuart Lee talks about why this is important https://youtu.be/wsUnCAPwv90

The Oxford at War 1914-1918 Roadshow is part of the Oxford Centenary Programme which has received funding form the Van Houten Bequest.

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